Day 6 of my daily diary and in all honesty it was very much like the day before. The weather was good once again. The windows were open to get the fresh air in. We went on our daily walk up and down our main road and got some Vit D into the bodies. I tried to stick to my normal morning routine as best I could. Mostly managed it.

The big news of today was the Chancellor’s announcement of support for the self-employed. That obviously is a big area of interest for UK fenestration, as self-employed people make up a lot of the sales and installer positions in our industry. I think it got a mixed review. There is going to be a long wait to be able to access that cash, and anyone self-employed for less than a year won’t be eligible for it. Its going to come too late for some, and will result in job losses.

The best news of the day was the amazing show of support and love for the workers of the NHS as the nation hung out their windows and clapped, cheered, honked horns and let off fireworks. We joined in, and listened to the streets and neighbourhoods around us as they joined in too. It was a brief moment of joy. A nice distraction from the gloom and restrictions.

Our little lad decided to wake up not long after that, and has spent the best part of two hours refusing to go back to sleep. His sleep has been all over the place for the past few weeks. He used to be such a good sleeper, now he’s up three or four times a night, and will only let mum put him to sleep. He’s nearly 9 months old, crawling like a mad man and developing so quickly every day. So any tips on getting him back to his normal amount of sleep would be very much appreciated!

I announced this evening that myself and friend Lee Clarke who runs the NFAs with me and also runs Fenestration Digital will be doing a live broadcast via Persicope on Twitter on Friday evening at 8pm. I’ve never done this before. Those who know me know I hate being in front of a camera. But considering we’re stuck in the house for a while, it might be best to try some different things to break up the boredom! It will focus on UK fenestration during this crisis, and we’re going to encourage those watching to pitch in with questions or comments and we’ll answer and give our thoughts as they are sent in. It could be quite fun. And we want it to be fun as well. There will be a serious element to it, but we want it to be a bit light hearted as well, and the chat won’t all be about windows and doors. So if you could spare the time, I know you have some, we’d love for you to join the conversation!

You could say the weekend starts tomorrow. It didn’t feel like a Thursday today, so it won’t feel like a Friday tomorrow. Probably won’t feel like a weekend either. But we’re going to make it feel like it. I’ll cut back on the work, get the garden ready and stick some coals on the BBQ. Even if its only going to be 9 degrees on Saturday!

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