Friday – day 7:

Today myself and Lee Clarke who runs the Fenestration Digital website did our first ever joint broadcast on Twitter via Periscope. Those who know me know I do not like being in front of the camera. At all. But these are strange times, and we’re all going to be stuck indoors for a lot longer than we’d like, so I guess I thought it was time to do something different to break up the time.

It was always going to be an informal thing. We planned around 90 minutes, and I came up with a few items we could talk about during that time. I wasn’t even sure that many people would actually watch. Most of it was industry related stuff, plenty on the virus and its effects on our sector. We talked about other things as well. Beer, sport, our amazing wives! In the end it went on for three hours! Twice as long as we planned.

If you have a spare three hours and you really want to fill that time with something, you can play back the whole thing here:

I actually enjoyed it. I wasn’t nervous before, I thought I would be. But I think ever since we had our baby, worrying about little things like that have gone away. So has my sleep, so I guess it could have been that I was too tired to worry about it. We will do more. We’re announcing Monday when we’re going to do the next one. Most said that a couple per week was a good amount to do. If we do, it would have to be for 90 minutes. Can’t have me rambling on for three hours every time!

Before the video, it was another work day. Up in the second bedroom, trying to be productive. Although these are not normal times, I did still get that Friday sluggishness and did struggle to focus. I spent a bit more time with Spencer, did some tidying up and cleaning. I ordered a Chinese takeaway. I have been really good at supporting our local businesses and have been making sure to order plenty. I’ll need some new clothes come June.

I thought about how much longer we were going to be working from home for. I am going to spend more time in getting the second bedroom turned into an office. Not just into an office though. One that looks cool and has a nice atmosphere to work in. It will take a bit of time, but I guess we have plenty on our hands. Even when this is all over, I will use it as a place to work instead of the Kitchen table, so I want it to be set up in the best way possible.

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Saturday – day 8:

Unfortunately, I went through more beer on Friday night than I thought I would. Three hours will do that to you. I went to bed late and was awake early, as is normal practise now. I did feel OK in the morning, then it hit me late afternoon. We went our for our usual walk and daily exercise not long after lunch. Wow it was cold. And windy. After a week of sunshine and nice temperatures it was a shock to the system. We were out for a while on our own. I actually felt worse by the time we got back in! Wind swept and cold.

Lesson learned. Avoid a hangover right now. Especially when we can’t rely on grandparents and we’re all housebound!

Saturday was a decent day despite the weather. I cooked. Made breakfast and lunch. Facetimed with both sets of parents. Think they’re both missing Spencer quite a bit now. We have decided that once this is all over he can start staying over at the weekend with them both. They’ll be happy to have him and we’ll be happy with the time and sleep!

This was not a work day. Although I do normally tinker around with work things on a weekend, I am being strict to keep weekends a time for family. And some housework as well. One of the few positives to come out of this so far is that I have had more time to spend at home with our little boy. We’re getting the garden ready for him, the BBQ and it will give him more space to play. I feel like he’s soon getting bored of the same rooms, so I’m hoping the weather picks back up again so we can spend more time outside. I might even decide to work outside if we get warm enough.

We got a lot of nice messages on Saturday as well after our video chat. Its nice to see people found it useful.

We had a quiet night on Saturday. I cleaned up the lounge floor from all the toys, we ordered a Chinese and watched Jessica Jones on Netflix with a beer. It felt nice to do that after the last few weeks which felt like had been moving at a thousand miles an hour. I think that’s going to be important. Whilst we’re going to be working from home a lot more, we need to make time for the things we might normally do on a weekend. We can’t go to the pub right now. But we can get comfy on the sofa on a night, with a drink and watch something we might have done at the cinema.

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