“Whilst the coronavirus spreads in the UK, businesses that manufacture in the UK, face increasing challenges to survive the drastic measures that might be necessary in the interests of public health.

As the nation pulls together and a new sense of nationalism prevails, we must fight this ‘war’ against the virus and also support British manufacturing and local businesses to ensure their survival. Sure, big businesses may enlist government backing, but it is the smaller concerns, the family businesses all over the UK that we need to get behind.

Importantly, if it is claimed to be a British product, we should dig a little deeper to establish the truth. Is the product really manufactured here or is it merely bottled here, packaged here or marketed here?

We are a small family business, so this pandemic is indeed a challenge as it is for the rest of the country. However, we are fully committed to protecting our workforce, whilst remaining available to our customers who may also be experiencing difficulty. In the market place, there is competition from some who manufacture outside of the UK, whilst professionally marketing their ranges from within the UK to achieve economic advantage. We are going to ask all our customers, colleagues and associates to stand together with us to support suppliers that manufacture and offer services right here in Great Britain.

It might take a long while for British manufacturing to achieve a renaissance, but we have to begin somewhere. If anything positive is to come from the financial turbulence created by the virus, then let it be the start of new beginnings and a new level of commitment to British products.”

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