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Sheerline Classic, the new residential aluminium window system from Garnalex has passed the PAS24:2016 security test with flying colours, defeating two test rigs on the way!

PAS24:2016 is designed to test the strength of windows and doors and their resistance to opportunistic break-in attempts. Testing requires each loading and locking point of a window to withstand a perpendicular applied load of 3kN (a kN or kilonewton is the equivalent of 300kg) and a parallel to plane load of 1kN. A maximum sized double side hung Sheerline window successfully passed both mechanical and manipulation tests with no issues at all.

Having passed the tests successfully, Garnalex asked BSI’s technicians to carry out destructive testing to see just how strong the window system was. The results were described as ‘incredible’. Sheerline’s hinge side withstood the full loading capability of BSI’s hydraulic mechanical test rig of just over 10kN (over a metric tonne), holding the load for a minute without failure! The lock side of the window also achieved extraordinary results, withstanding 5kN of force before the lock failed. This was all the more impressive as the window had already been subjected to full mechanical and manipulation tests.

In previous testing carried out at Archibald Kenrick & Sons test facility, Steve Williams, Kenrick’s Sales and Marketing Director was equally as impressed.

“Having witnessed the new Sheerline window easily passing the required 3 kN standard, Garnalex asked us to test their new window to destruction to see what it could take. However we had to stop the test at 10 kN as we were concerned we would damage our test rig! Really impressive performance, and testimony to what the correct system and hardware combinations can achieve.”

Phil Parry, Sheerline Testing and Standards Director, adds: “These results prove Sheerline’s Classic aluminium windows will set the new benchmark for strength and security for mainstream residential windows. Sheerline exceeded the required loads for PAS24:2016 by more than three times, to the amazement of the technical staff carrying out the testing.

“Both window hinge and lock sides withstood loads in excess of the much more onerous PAS24:2016 door test where the perpendicular loads are 4.5kN, and even went beyond that required in EN1627-30.

“We’ve designed Sheerline from the ground up to make it easy to fabricate, install and sell, and to perform at a much higher level than fabricators and installers are used to. So, we’re pleased, but not surprised by these security test results.”

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