At Masterframe, it is one of our most core values, to always do the right thing, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us or how difficult the situation is to navigate and regardless of the cost or outcome.

Things in business as in life do not always go as smoothly as planned and human error, product shortages and the changing landscape due to the pandemic has thrown us all many challenges. In spite of this, we continue to believe that the bond of trust between ourselves and our customers is the most important asset we can acquire, building a solid foundation of loyalty and mutual respect for the future.

We lead by example and ask all our colleagues in the manufacturing facility and in our offices to take personal ownership of their activities, both their successes and failures. We encourage them to be honest in spite of the consequences so that we can take immediate and positive remedial action, to prevent any further inconvenience for our customers.

Because this is exactly how we conduct our business, with transparency and accountability, you can imagine how thrilled we were to receive the following feedback sent to our Customer Care Advisor by a customer who took the trouble to share his opinion on his experience of dealing with Masterframe.

Please be advised that this consignment has arrived within the last few minutes.

Permit me to say how impressed I was to be told that someone had missed sending the balances out originally; that you were very apologetic; and that you would arrange for next day delivery (by Parcel-Force).

Honesty in commercial dealings is a rare animal. When met, it is most refreshing and I rather wish that our esteemed politicians would take a page from your instruction manual. If/when I meet one; I will direct him/her to Masterframe.

Thank you


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