Finally, a slight reprieve in the relentless surge of price increases that have hit the UK fenestration sector for the best part of two years!

glass energy surcharges are to reduce slightly in March. So although that is not a complete removal, it’s the first time in a long time where we have seen a genuine decrease in costs.

Glass prices level off

In new information posted on a supplier website:

For orders placed on and after Friday 1st April 2022,the energy surcharge has now been set at 12p/kg.

Timeline of energy surcharge:

Orders delivered between 1st October 2021 – 31st January 2022: 12p/kg

Orders placed between 1st February 2022 – 28th February 2022: 21p/kg

Orders placed between 1st March 2022 – 31st March 2022: 15p/kg

Orders placed between 1st April 2022 – TBC: 12p/kg

So according to that information, energy surcharges will be back at the levels seen at the start of the year. This will come as welcome news for much of the sector who were perhaps wondering at some points whether the major inflation we were all seeing would ever actually end.

The news about the reduction in the glass energy surcharge is however a single shred of good news as there is no sign yet of other major fenestration sector materials beginning to come back down.

Unfortunately, as the tragic events in Ukraine unfold and energy prices spike dramatically higher, I can see energy surcharges on glass begin to rise once again. The price of gas in Europe rose more than 50% in one day. There will be effects on all sorts of supply chains that we may well begin to feel the effects of before too long.

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