This is a sponsored article by Premier Arches:

Industry figure Joe Trueman has joined the board of Premier Arches, ready to advise and work alongside the existing senior management team to take the profile bending company forward.

The founder of trade counter network Truemans and former Director at Stevenswood now joins Premier Arches as a non-executive director and investor, working behind the scenes with the senior management team and focusing on business strategy, finance and recruitment, as well as sales and marketing.

Premier Arches MD Sean Greenall and new board member Joe Trueman

Joe comments: “I’ve been in the industry for many years, and as a former customer of Premier Arches, the determination to put the customer first always stood out to me. As a premium supplier of bespoke arched frames, they’ve been on my radar as a company that would do well. The team has a passion for getting the product and service right for customers, and I felt this was the perfect time for me to join.”

Established in 2015, Premier Arches manufactures and supplies arched, angled, gable, circular and entirely bespoke windows and doors in a range of seven stocked systems including Residence 9, plus another five non-stocked systems, offering a full service to fabricators, trade counters, installers and local builders.

Serving over 600 customers across the UK, the St Helens-based company transforms the often daunting process of profile bending into a simple and pain-free process, saving fabricators time and money, and helping them win more lucrative projects which would otherwise be turned down.

Joe continues: “When it comes to profile bending, most PVC fabricators simply don’t have the time, the tools, or the expertise to carry this out in-house. Premier Arches manufactures and supplies the awkward products that others don’t want to make, helping their customers to focus on what they’re best at.

“My goal with Premier Arches is to spearhead business growth, following on from a 94% sales uplift in the past 12 months. The market continues to be buoyant and we have a number of customers currently boarding with us.

“Alongside this and with help from the investment I’ve made, we are working hard at improving our online pricing and ordering platform, our custom CRM system, our new website as well as bedding new machinery into the factory.

“Premier Arches have so much potential and bring a freshness to a part of the fenestration industry that’s known for being slow, awkward, outdated, messy and complicated.

“I love a business that challenges the way things are done, and Premier Arches do just that. I’m very excited about the year ahead.”

Premier Arches Managing Director Sean Greenall comments: “With many years in the industry, Joe brings with him the experience and expertise to help Premier Arches move forward, and I’m very pleased to have him on board.

“Premier Arches offers something truly unique to fabricators, something which we pride ourselves on and something I’m sure Joe will help to let the industry know who we are and what we can offer. He has many exciting plans for the business, and I look forward to seeing where he takes us in 2022 and beyond.” For more information, email

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