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Leading machinery innovators, Haffner Ltd has reported an increase in demand for their KT Assembly tables which are helping fabricators improve their efficiencies and delivering some impressive time savings too. Matt Thomas, Managing Director of Haffner, explains: “We know that automated machines provide the ability to achieve more output with less skilled manpower, which means they are a powerful way for fabricators to adapt to the current worker shortage in addition to increasing their output. But their timesaving properties cannot be overlooked as confirmed by two major industry fabricators who recently purchased our KT Assembly Tables.”

At first glance, the assembly tables are able to transform the speed of manufacture with minimal skilled manpower, but they can deliver a lot more. Matt said: “One fabricator confirmed that the automated door table can prep three hinges on a door in under 3 minutes. This has saved them around 40 minutes on each set of French Doors. They also confirmed that their new tilt and turn table will prep a tilt and turn sash in under 4 minutes too which has dramatically improved the speed of their output. Just as important is that the machines are fully automated, so they do not need to be operated by a skilled operator.” Even more impressive is the fabricator confirmed that the tables had saved the time of around four people, which is hugely beneficial for fabricators struggling to find skilled labour.

Haffner assmebly tables

The KT Assembly Tables are designed for use on single and tilt-and-turn window systems and door sashes of various dimensions. The intelligently designed machines optimise sash assembly by combining several processes at one table. And taking these operations off a conventional machining centre means you will further increase the output of your existing machines too.

They have triple drilling for handles and milling for the espagnolette channel with easy positioning of the tools. There is a punch unit for cropping the single or tilt-and-turn espagnolettes, as well as scissor hinges, which are all done according to sash dimension and without requiring measuring. Hinge holes are also drilled automatically without an operative needing to measure for the location. The automatic screwing unit includes height adjustment for espagnolette and scissor hinges.

The accuracy is far superior to traditional methods of a tape measure and jig too. CNC positioning of the frame and sash ensures all hinges are in the correct place, leaving little adjustment on the finished door. This unique measurement system allows for tolerances in welded frames and also reduces the time needed to check and adjust each door on the bench which further improves production output.

Matt concluded: “We have always highlighted the benefits of automation across our various PVC-U and aluminium fabrication machines. Those benefits haven’t changed – but in the current market, they’ve become even more central to fabricators’ success. So, if you’re looking for a solution to your current worker shortages, improve your output and save considerable time, our machines are the tried and tested solutions you need”.

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