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Sheerline has launched a new Thermal Calculator exclusively for its customers so they can calculate Energy Ratings and U-values quickly and efficiently. It has been developed by the in-house R&D team to help customers meet Part-L regulations in line with the government’s 2025 Future Homes and Buildings Standard.

The proprietary software behind the solution produces Certass-endorsed results for U-values and Energy Ratings aligned to the Certass Thermal Rating Register. This gives customers peace of mind as the accreditation is legally recognised, reflecting the fact Sheerline has developed a simple yet effective system that demonstrates the energy efficiency of various profile and glass combinations across the entire Sheerline range.

This clever software enables fabricators to self-generate specific thermal ratings for all windows and doors within Sheerline’s Classic and Prestige ranges in as little as 30 seconds. It is easy to use, guiding users through the specific information that is required.

This includes the product range, sash feature, whether the product is a window, door or bi-fold along with the frame type. Once fabricators have input these details, they can check their Part-L compliance within seconds while creating labels for the products they are fabricating.

It is a legal requirement that installers supply and fit windows that are not only fit for purpose but are also Part L compliant. There may be instances where installers are required to provide evidence to prove the products they supply are compliant – this powerful tool puts that information at fabricators fingertips.

Under the new legislation, which is designed to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions, there is a mandatory 30% cut in carbon for all new homes. In addition, other buildings, such as office buildings and shops, will have to reduce their carbon footprint by 27%.

While this is no easy feat, Sheerline’s products have been designed with these changes in mind, meaning future legislation and sustainability were key considerations during the research & development phase.

As a result, all Sheerline’s products offer easy Part L compliance, so the installers and fabricators they work with don’t have to worry about expensive upgrades to triple glazing or adding additional foam fillets to increase thermal efficiency.

The new rules apply to all window and door upgrades, whether for new builds, extensions, or renovations. For instance, all window and door replacements after June 15, 2022, must have a maximum U-value of 1.4 (energy rating B for glazed windows and doors or C for single doors). While new builds are subject to a limiting (maximum) U-value of 1.6 for windows and doors.

Roger Hartshorn, Sheerline CEO, said: “As an installer and fabricator-friendly organisation, we pride ourselves on making life easier for our customers. The changes to Part L regulations are not insignificant, and it’s important we meet the new requirements head-on. That’s why we’ve developed our new Thermal Calculator to take the hassle out of generating thermal ratings and U-values.”

“It’s an invaluable tool for our customers, not only to help the country reduce its carbon footprint but to help homeowners enjoy thermally efficient, warm homes. When customers choose Sheerline, they’re choosing compliance and all the benefits associated with it,” he added.

To find out everything you need to know about the latest Part L regulations, read Sheerline’s handy guide here: https://www.sheerline.com/ready

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