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MRA Research has set up a Builders’ Merchants Monthly OMNIBUS Survey for companies who want quick, cost-effective research to improve their marketing.

The OMNIBUS Survey is an insight tool for suppliers and companies working in the builders’ merchants sector. Businesses marketing or selling to builders’ merchants, and through them to their trade and retail customers, can buy ‘seats’ or questions on this bus, hence the name OMNIBUS, which runs once a month. Questions can be anything suppliers need to know about – products or services, a campaign, brands, their own performance, support, attitudes or perceptions, merchants’ customers, or a topic or issue critical to the industry.

Questions can range from simple yes or no, to complicated scaling questions, or open-ended verbatims, and MRA is happy to advise if required. Questions can be asked on behalf of a named brand or unnamed supplier.

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This fast-turnaround, cost-effective research from MRA allows suppliers and others to buy as few or as many questions as they want, whenever they need answers, with a perfectly weighted nationally representative sample of builders’ merchants, by size, type, national or independents, and region. Results in the form of tabulations are rapid, and companies wanting charts and analysis can have them. In as little as two weeks, companies can have the answers and analysis they need to inform a sales decision, support a buying group pitch, or just improve the effectiveness of their marketing.

MRA Research is a corporate member of the Market Research Society (MRS), so research is conducted according to the professional gold standard of the MRS Code of Conduct.

The Builders Merchants Monthly OMNIBUS Survey has been providing insights, some published, others for suppliers’ eyes only, over the last few months on topics such as what has changed, from a merchants’ perspective, since the Grenfell fire; attitudes to energy efficiency opportunities; an update on merchant apprentices, and skills shortages, young people and women in the industry; what merchants will do to protect their future when their customers retire; and what Northern Ireland merchants think of February’s EU Trade deal (the Windsor Framework).

Yvette Kirk, Project Director at MRA Research, says: “Our new Builders’ Merchants Monthly OMNIBUS Survey is a perfect tool for businesses looking to gain insight on a specific theme or topic to support or sharpen their marketing. It‘s very easy, but if anyone needs help with questions please ask, we’re happy to help. It’s low-cost, and cost-effective because the bus is going anyway and you can buy a couple of questions or as many as you need, so it’s suitable for all types of companies from the largest to the smallest. And because it’s independent, objective and quick, and done to a professional standard, it can cut through to the facts, so companies can move beyond speculation, matters of opinion and polarising internal debates and act decisively with the confidence of knowledge. Email yvette@mra-research.co.uk or call me on 07918 272936 if you’d like to add questions to the next Builders Merchants OMNIBUS Survey, or want to know more about costs and timings.”

Visit mra-research.co.uk/omnibus-surveys/ to read some of the insights gained from the publicly available Builders’ Merchants Monthly OMNIBUS Survey research so far.

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