Deceuninck Customer Day highlights the opportunities colour and sustainability will generate against the backdrop of regulatory change and shifting end-user expectations.

The second of three Customer Days being hosted by the systems leader, the event in Bristol at the end of April, was opened by its Managing Director, Rob McGlennon.

Starting with an impromptu poll of those in the room, the feeling was that the market was down slightly, with a general consensus that it had dropped by around 4 or 5% in Q1.

Rob highlighted Deceuninck’s continuing dominance in colour and the growth of flush casements, which he said accounted for 62% and 40% of its sales respectively.

Later in the day Chris Jones, Sales Director Deceuninck picked up on the same theme with an analysis of colour trends.

Chris Jones

He argued that anthracite grey remained dominant, within the 196 colour pathways it supplied last year. Deceuninck currently offers 30 plus colour and finish options from stock.

Chris also explained that Deceuninck had expanded its stock range with the addition of Grey Aluminium, plus its’ Express Range, with the launch of new Yakisugi Black, available on a 15-working day lead time.

This was highlighted later as a key element of Deceuninck’s lead generation strategy, which in the last year has delivered 994 leads to Deceuninck fabricators and installers in the last year.

This includes the Deceuninck Energy Savings Calculator, which allows end users to work out the potential carbon savings – and cost savings – their new windows will deliver at the click of a mouse. Available as an i-frame, it’s been developed as a plug-and-play solution for fabricators and installers, which can be dropped into their websites and own brand easily.

Attendees were also offered a sneak preview of the new Deceuninck Product Configurator. Also available as a plug-and-play retail solution, it gives homeowners a 3D virtual view of products, plus technical hotspots.

Sustainability was another dominant theme. Deceuninck has committed to ambitious targets to lower its carbon footprint under the Science Based Targets Scheme.

This includes cutting CO2 emissions from its own operations 60% by 2030 from a 2021 baseline and cutting emissions from within its supply chain by 48% per tonne by 2030, as part of its wider journey to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

It has also committed to supporting its customers to do the same. This includes the development of a new Carbon Footprint calculator, which is currently being trialled in the UK and will be available to Deceuninck fabricators and installers later this year.

Once launched it will do the hard work for fabricators, giving them an outline carbon footprint for their business by simply registering basic metrics that they will already have as part of the running of their business, without having to run through complex calculations.

This was backed up by exclusive research from YouGov. Commissioned by Deceuninck the preview of the soon-to-be-released data, highlighted the increasingly important part a commitment to lowering their carbon footprint will be for both fabricators and installers.

Rob said: “We know that sustainability is important to homeowners because we’ve asked them.

“The market may be a little slower than it was last year but the market still delivers lots of opportunity, you do, however, have to be prepared to work a little bit harder for it.

“We’re working on developing the tools that fabricators and installers are going to need to continue to win business, with energy efficiency and colour as a great foundation for retail sales.”

For more information about Deceuninck, call 01249 816 969, email or visit

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