At profile bending specialist Premier Arches, making customers’ lives easier is key. Managing Director Sean Greenall explains…

In early 2020, when we decided to move Premier Arches to a larger location, we had high hopes for the future.

Premier Arches MD Sean Greenall

Little did we know that the market would soon be hit by unforeseen circumstances – shortly after expanding and relocating from Bolton to St Helens, we were forced to close due to a national Covid-19 lockdown.

What followed was an unpredictable landscape made up of subsequent lockdowns, Brexit, and a significant rise in the cost of living – and it was very difficult to predict how the market would recover.

But despite these challenges, our decision to upscale turned out to be a great success – we reopened our new premises, made significant investments in the business, and ended up seeing a record-breaking year.

So what sets us apart?

In addition to manufacturing excellence, I believe it’s our unwavering commitment to making our customers’ lives easier.

The products you need

While many PVC fabricators excel at manufacturing standard window and door frames, the process of profile bending requires specialised machinery and expertise that not all of them have – often leading them to turn down potentially very lucrative bespoke jobs.

At Premier Arches, we specialise in manufacturing these challenging products that others avoid.

Our wide range includes arched, angled, gable, and circular windows and doors, as well as fully customised options.

We offer seven stocked systems, including Residence 9, in addition to five non-stocked systems, providing a comprehensive service for fabricators, trade counters, and local builders.

In addition to arched frames, we also supply fully fabricated frames including sashes, accessories, glass and composite door slabs, saving our customers time when it comes to glass templates or having to complete arched frame products in their own factories.

A step further

Another important way we help make customers’ lives easier is with our unique online pricing and ordering platform, allowing our customers to get quotes within seconds, compared to what can often be a several day wait with many of our competitors.

Waiting days for arched window and door quotes can often cost fabricators the job, but at Premier Arches, we’ve seen first-hand the impact this platform has had on streamlining our customers’ processes, helping them get ahead of the competition.

Finally, we also offer a full CAD service, meaning our customers are able to see beforehand exactly what they’re getting, eliminating any confusion about the complex products we offer.

Our CAD service is beneficial to both our customers and our manufacturing team, allowing for designs to easily be changed if needed, and also making it easier for our fabricators to collaborate with each other during the manufacturing process.

The key to success

In the face of unprecedented challenges, Premier Arches has not only weathered the storm, but has emerged stronger than ever – and it’s our commitment to making our customers’ lives easier that’s been the cornerstone of our success.

By specialising in the manufacturing of arched frames and offering a comprehensive range of customisable products, as well as offering slick quoting, CAD services and collaborative tools, we’ve set ourselves apart in the industry.

At Premier Arches, we understand that making our customers’ lives easier is not just a business strategy – it’s a principle we adhere to, and it’s the key to our continued success. Visit

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