In today’s competitive market, new build properties must stand out to attract homebuyers as the market begins to pick up following a period of exceptionally high-interest rates. Quality, service, and aesthetics are now more important than ever before. Origin’s latest innovation, the Soho External Door (OB-36+), perfectly combines all these elements, making it a game-changer for fenestration.

Designed for Modern Living

Building homes with the fixtures and fittings homebuyers want is essential. Glazing is now a sought-after feature in any home, meaning your suppliers could be a key point of difference over your competition. The Soho External Door is a state-of-the-art bi-fold and French door system that combines the sleek, desirable look of steel glazing bars with ultra-slim sightlines.

What truly sets it apart is the quality of its design, already complying with the upcoming 2025 Future Homes Standard, providing peace of mind a full year ahead of schedule. This focus on energy efficiency ensures homeowners save money on bills while reducing their environmental impact. It also means you have a supplier you can rely on to ensure your projects comply with regulations, now and in the future.

Unparalleled Performance and Security

Homebuyers don’t just care about looks, they are also prioritising safety and security. The Soho External Door has been thoughtfully designed by Origin’s in-house experts to focus on security, boasting a specially designed 8-point locking system and a 3-Star British Standard Kitemark locking barrel. This combination offers unparalleled defence against break-in attempts, giving homeowners assurance that they’re safe in their homes.

Bespoke Style

Modern homebuyers want kerb appeal. The Soho External Door caters to this with fully customisable glazing bar configurations. This allows homebuilders to choose a classic heritage look with more bars, or they can opt for a minimalist industrial feel with fewer to match the overall style of the new property. The option of bi-fold or French door system also adds to the design flexibility. Plus, it’s available in 150 different RAL colours.

Built to Last

Homebuyers want to know their money is being spent well when investing in a newly built property. Origin is synonymous with quality, and the Soho External Door lives up to that reputation. Crafted from high-grade aluminium in the UK, it is robust yet lightweight, allowing for large expanses of glass that flood interiors with natural light whilst creating a seamless connection to the outdoors. The sleek silhouette is perfect for modern tastes, while also being exceptionally durable, enabling it to stand up to family life.

The Soho Advantage

The Soho External Door offers a winning combination of aesthetics, security, and energy efficiency. By including the Soho External Door in your latest project, you can:

  • Attract homebuyers seeking a superior look and feel
  • Stand out from the competition with a future-proof product
  • Offer homebuyers peace of mind with a superior security solution

The Soho External Door is now available on a two-week lead time and is just the beginning of a new generation of products from Origin. This innovative door system is sure to be a key differentiator for builders looking to thrive in the demanding 2024 market.


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