Customers are clearer than ever on their expectations when purchasing a property, no matter whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. Now, more than ever, professional builders need to offer something different to stand out from the crowd, especially in a competitive market.

The Soho External Door

Origin Soho doors

Prospective buyers are looking for three things: quality, service and aesthetics. Our latest launch, the Soho External Door, encapsulates all these elements. The new exterior door is a bi-fold, French and single door system designed for the modern era. It not only boasts steel-look glazing bars and ultra-slim sightlines, but it is already 2025 Future Homes compliant.

Designed by Origin’s in-house R&D team and handcrafted in the UK to exact specifications, this exterior door supports professional housebuilders in attracting high-end clients with its sleek look, giving any property a high-quality superior feel.

Tailored Aesthetics

Responding to trends is important for anyone looking to attract new clients and grow their business in 2024. The Soho External Door imitates modern style preferences with fully bespoke glazing bar configurations. This offers flexibility when creating a specific look for a property. To create a heritage look, customers can specify more glazing bars, or for an industrial, steel look, clients can opt for fewer. What’s more, the new exterior door can be specified as a bi-fold, French or Single door.

Robust Durability

As with all of our products, the Soho External Door is engineered from the highest-grade aluminium to support large expanses of glass. With ultra-slim sightlines of just 36mm, the door allows a natural stream of light into a property, creating a seamless connection between interior and exterior spaces. Known for being strong yet lightweight, the aluminium door creates a sleek silhouette, which is perfect for modern preferences while also being durable and hard-wearing.

Peace of Mind

It’s vital to property owners that they have peace of mind when it comes to security. Statement glazed doors shouldn’t compromise on security. The new door utilises our own 8-point locking system alongside a 3-Star British Standard Kitemark locking barrel. These are proven to protect against snapping, picking, drilling, and bumping, offering a defence that is second to none, as well as complying to PAS 24:2022.

Energy Efficient

The door not only looks timeless, but it’s engineered to meet the stringent demands of the UK market. Complying with 2025 Future Homes Standard a year early, the door offers superior U-Values as low as 0.8 W/m2K. With energy bills remaining a concern for all property owners, it’s superior weathertight seals further guarantee properties are protected against the elements and maintain comfortable interior temperatures all year-round.

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