Changing The Conservatory Game

Remember when we all said the conservatory market as we knew it was dead? Well it still is, this post isn't here to tell you it has risen from it's ashes, because it hasn't it's still very much dead. But what we are seeing right now is an evolution in glazed extensions which is changing [...]

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Advantages Of An Outdoor Showroom

One of the biggest advantages of the new Loggia product from Ultraframe is it's energy efficiency. They spent a lot of time, money and effort developing the product to be more energy efficient than a traditional brick extension. And after putting one in the showroom, I can confirm that it's energy performance is actually amazing. [...]

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Google Trends: Conservatories Still On The Slide

Last year, conservatories had their worst year since 1995, with only roughly 94,500 new conservatories being built. Down from their peak in 2004 with 200,000+ being installed. I thought it was due for a little look on Google trends to see how the search term 'conservatories' was doing. Turns out, not very good. In fact, [...]

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