Changing The Conservatory Game

Remember when we all said the conservatory market as we knew it was dead? Well it still is, this post isn't here to tell you it has risen from it's ashes, because it hasn't it's still very much dead. But what we are seeing right now is an evolution in glazed extensions which is changing [...]

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Time Ticking For The Polycarbonate Roof

Just like the transition of panel doors to composite doors, the days of the polycarbonate roof might be numbered. Why do I say this? I say this because over the last few years the cost of glass roofs has come down quite significantly, with the difference between a reasonably sized polycarbonate roof now standing at [...]

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All Loggia, No Conservatories

When Ultraframe launched their new product last year, they said that they wanted the Loggia to be the product that revolutionized the conservatory market. Indeed, according to their market research and their own beliefs, the conservatory market as we knew it was dead, and we had to play a completely different ball game if the [...]

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Advantages Of An Outdoor Showroom

One of the biggest advantages of the new Loggia product from Ultraframe is it's energy efficiency. They spent a lot of time, money and effort developing the product to be more energy efficient than a traditional brick extension. And after putting one in the showroom, I can confirm that it's energy performance is actually amazing. [...]

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Showroom Loggia Complete

Well, after finally get ourselves and everything else organised, we now have a stunning Loggia freshly installed on our outdoor show site! Throughout the process I have taken pictures from start to finish. So here are the images of the build, then at the end there will be my thoughts on the whole thing. If [...]

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Successful Loggia Launch?

It's been a month or two now since Ultraframe launched what they called was their 'game changing' product. So, since the launch, how has the industry received this new innovation? Well after the first impressions, feedback was good. After speaking to those who attended the presentation in Birmingham, many were impressed with the looks of [...]

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