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Endurance Doors® Invests Into Increased Sustainability

Endurance Doors® - the designer and manufacturer of solid, secure, and stylish composite doors - has invested over £300,000 into 500 solar panels which have been installed on the roof of its main production facility in Brigg, North Lincolnshire. The new panels build on an existing focus at Endurance Doors of only using electricity [...]

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Endurance’s 3mm Bowing Guarantee, 2 Years On…

Sponsored news from Endurance: In September 2020, Endurance Doors made a product commitment, offering a 3mm bowing guarantee for their range of premium solid timber core composite doors which still stands today. With clever engineering enhancements including their own Moisture Barrier System to the foot of each door, a wet seal glazing process and [...]

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Endurance Launch New Trade Website

Sponsored news from Endurance: Endurance Doors have launched a new trade website within their overall web platform, to provide exceptional levels of support to their nationwide network of Installer Partners, whilst still providing a world-class consumer experience at https://endurancedoors.co.uk. Within the new trade website are marketing, customer and technical hubs, packed with content and [...]

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First TOUCH Portal Ordering System Goes Live At Endurance Doors

Sponsored news from Business Micros Group: Endurance Doors has launched the UK’s first TOUCH Portal live online ordering system, in partnership with the Business Micros Group. TOUCH Portal is the first truly end-to-end online ordering system in the window and door market – seamlessly managing an order all the way from retail enquiry to [...]

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Delivering More For Installer Partners

Sponsored news from Endurance: Over the last 3 years, Endurance Doors have continued to invest in their Installer Partner programme, which includes an enhanced showroom support package, digital marketing assets, SEO-optimised website listing and a proven local lead generation platform among other scheme benefits. It’s very much a proven programme that helps Installer Partners [...]

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Endurance Set A Carbon Neutral Standard

Sponsored news from Endurance: As part of a far-reaching and wider environmental and sustainability programme, Endurance Doors have become carbon neutral by partnering up with the World Land Trust and by offsetting through a carbon-balanced portfolio. This has been achieved through careful analysis of emissions, products, processes and practices, with the first investment made [...]

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Ultra-Premium Avantal Door Now In Print

This is sponsored news from Endurance: With high levels of enquiries from consumers and for showroom doors from Installer Partners, Endurance Doors have now published a luxurious 40-page brochure for their new ultra-premium Avantal door range. Following an 18-month development programme of testing and evaluation, Avantal has received great acclaim as a next-generation door, [...]

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Long-Term Performance Still Hampers Composites, Says Endurance

This is sponsored news by Endurance: With summer just around the corner, the performance of composite doors will again come under the spotlight says Endurance Doors. Rising temperatures will lead to a notable rise in heat on the surface of composite doors, with the risk of delamination, cracking and splitting when inferior door skins [...]

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Endurance Outlines Environmental Performance Credentials

This is a sponsored article by Endurance Doors: With the new building regulations coming into force in June this year, Endurance Doors have confirmed that their engineered timber door platform complies with the new legislation, assuring continued strong growth through their Installer Partner network. The specification of a laminated timber core is the cornerstone [...]

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Investment For Growth Continues At Endurance

This is a sponsored article by Endurance: After a year in which Endurance Doors has grown 85%, the solid core timber composite door company is further investing across the business to support the continued growth of the innovative brand, with people and capital expenditure very much at the forefront of the programme. Endurance is [...]

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We’re Driving Down Lead Times Says Endurance

This is a sponsored article by Endurance Doors: Endurance Doors are now driving down lead times for their bespoke, solid core composite doors to five weeks, with plans to take this to a twelve working days standard following a sustained period where material supply, consumer demand and other social and economic factors have pushed [...]

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Ultra-Premium Avantal Interest Is Considerable Says Endurance

This is a sponsored article by Endurance: Endurance Doors are now taking orders for their revolutionary and ultra-premium Avantal composite door, with a number of Installer Partners now gearing up their respective showrooms with a flagship display of perfect product innovation and intuitive design. Avantal is a game-changer for the composite door market and [...]

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Endurance Are In Touch With Next Gen Door Designer

Endurance Doors have just unveiled their next-gen Touch Portal and Door Designer that’s been developed with software partner Business Micros, after a carefully and well thought out development programme. The new platform which is soon to be live on the Endurance Doors website is fully mobile responsive and can also facilitate a Virtual Home. [...]

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Endurance Achieve A Zero Landfill Mark

This is a sponsored article by Endurance: After a period of implementing process change throughout the business, Endurance Doors have now achieved an audited zero-landfill mark, working in partnership with waste processing specialist Ellgia. With sustainability now high on the agenda for businesses across the industry and following the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), [...]

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A Revolution In Customer Care From Endurance

This is a sponsored article from Endurance Doors: The quest for an ever-better customer experience continues at Endurance Doors with the introduction of Amicus, a new automated ticketing system that improves the flow of information to and from Installer Partners. This investment in Amicus, which is part of a wider programme of new IT [...]

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More Composite Colours From Endurance

This is a sponsored article by Endurance: Endurance Doors have extended their range of colours and finishes for their solid timber core composite doors to 19, with the introduction of Brilliant Blue and Sage. The introduction of Brilliant Blue reflects the anticipated trend towards blue as the next ‘in vogue’ colour, which has been [...]

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