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Guest Columnist: Mark McLean

Guest Columnist: Mark McLean2016-10-24T20:23:25+01:00

Mark McLean is the co-founder of Callum Walker Energy Source based in Fife in Scotland. Callum Walker Energy source focus on advising on and installing high end energy efficient home improvement measures such as triple glazing, heat recovery systems and all things PassivHaus. Mark also has his own personal website: http://markmclean41.wordpress.com/ where he writes and vlogs about issues more personal to him, as well as industry issues too. On a regular basis he has written a series of excellent guest posts for DGB, which you can browse through below.

November 2013

August 2013

Is There Such A Thing As An Energy Efficient Bi-Fold Door?

By |August 7th, 2013|Categories: guest post, Mark McLean|

Guest post from Mark McLean: Coming from an energy efficient background, predominantly based around the principals of passivhaus, we have to constantly come up with ways of incorporating the latest glazing gimmicks. Bi-fold doors over [...]

April 2013

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