In economic hardships such as the one being experienced now, it is even more important for double glazing companies to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. The best way to do so? USP’s.

There are a lot of companies on a level playing field now. The quality of PVCu products have greatly increased, from all suppliers. Companies are offering lots of different and innovative products. But therein lies the problem, most companies have diversified so much so that most companies now offer the same plethora of products and services. What used to be one companies USP, is now the same as maybe 20 others in the same area.

What should be the task for businesses now is to look for that ultimate USP. The one big unique differentiation that completely sets you apart from other companies and makes you that much more an attractive option for your potential customers.

Saying you have ‘A’ rated energy efficient windows is good, but more and more companies are joining the band wagon and offering those also. The USP doesn’t have to come from the invention of a new product or service. It should come from within the company, look at the structure and the way the business operates and find that feature that is unique, then it is just a matter of knowing how to market that USP to customers in such a way that it would be of a great benefit to them.

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