windows scrappage scheme

>The Day After

>It will be interesting to see some of the early results that came out of GlassTalk on Tuesday. What will be of the most interest to me is how the SGG interview went, and how they tried to justify monumental price increases throughout the year.Also, it would be interesting to hear what most people thought [...]

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>Condensation Problem

>RCG did a similar post on this not so long ago. Over the weekend we have a few customers contact us about condensation on the outside of their windows after having A rated windows installed. At least we know they are working! But this is an issue we are now starting to explain when demonstrating [...]

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>Like the Mansfield appeal, just out of interest I'd like to know who has been viewing my blog in Kempston, purely because whoever has been reading my blog in Kempston has spent the longest viewing what I have to say. It's nice to know that some people find what I have to read interesting!Thanks.SIGN THE [...]

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>Blogs 3

>I've added an 'Other Blogs of Interest' section on the side of my blog so readers can take a look at other blogs that are out there. If anybody has a blog/website and wants to add their link to the three that are already there just ask and I'll put it on there. It could [...]

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>The Ultimate USP

>In economic hardships such as the one being experienced now, it is even more important for double glazing companies to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. The best way to do so? USP's.There are a lot of companies on a level playing field now. The quality of PVCu products have greatly increased, from [...]

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>Website 5

>Providing I get the hours I need, I could have the full and final draft of the new website complete by the end of the week! A lot of the work that is left is imaging work and layout designs. Most of the text is now fininshed. As for getting it live, it could be [...]

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>The Three Rules Of Business

> Take care of the customer. Take care of the customer. Take care of the customer.The most simple rule in business, and yet most companies, particularly some in our industry, disregard this most important of practices.The disregard for this rule is the reason why the double glazing industry has such a tarnished reputation. When most people think of [...]

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>Anglian TV Advert Claiming A Government Scrappage Scheme?

>Jesus I'm churning out the posts!I had a browse on just now and Chris from DIY Conservatories has just talked about something which I also noticed the other day.Anglian's latest TV advert has been claiming of a scrappage scheme. Now whether they are advertising their own scrappage scheme as a tarted up offer, or [...]

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