In my opinion blogs have always been something which I’ve seen as important and beneficial to the double glazing industry. And something which polarised this opinion was when RCG removed his post about the Amdega conservatory removal. I’ve always seen blogs as a useful tool to spread your opinion, release new information and gossip etc. But I also see blogs as a great tool to root out some of the deadwood in this industry. In my opinion RCG was wrong to remove the Amdega post. He wasn’t biased in any way, he remained neutral, and put the post up in such as way as to gauge opinion, not to make his own assumptions. Blogs are supposed to be free thinking forums where people can voice their opinions, question other’s points of view, defend themselves etc.

He said he removed the post due to negative feedback. The nature of the post was negative, so there was always going to be bad blood posted on there. It was a good honest post. We got to see people’s honest opinions and thoughts (plus a bit of my over-eagerness!), something which we don’t often get to see in this day and age. I don’t know if it is possible for RCG to put the post and comments back on, but if he can he should.

Blogs could, and should evolve into places where people can do good for the industry as a whole and become a whistle-blower-esque way of routing out the bad installations and companies in our industry. FENSA won’t solve the problem of cowboys, nor will any other industry body, we have to do it ourselves!