>My Christmas Message

>Unlike RCG, I do enjoy the Christmas period (just not this extreme cold!).I am fully aware that Christmas is bad for business, but it allows everyone to breathe a sigh of relief and gives us a chance to relax and not worry about business and money, just for a little bit. If your boss is [...]

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>RCG Put On Ice

>As a fellow blogger in the same industry I felt obliged to comment on RCG's latest, and possibly last post.For those who are unaware, myself and RCG work for rival companies in the Wakefield area and have had a 'healthy' rivalry. I stumbled on his blog at the beginning of 2009 and found it an interesting [...]

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>Evolution Of Blogs

>In my opinion blogs have always been something which I've seen as important and beneficial to the double glazing industry. And something which polarised this opinion was when RCG removed his post about the Amdega conservatory removal. I've always seen blogs as a useful tool to spread your opinion, release new information and gossip etc. [...]

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>The Day After

>It will be interesting to see some of the early results that came out of GlassTalk on Tuesday. What will be of the most interest to me is how the SGG interview went, and how they tried to justify monumental price increases throughout the year.Also, it would be interesting to hear what most people thought [...]

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>Condensation Problem

>RCG did a similar post on this not so long ago. Over the weekend we have a few customers contact us about condensation on the outside of their windows after having A rated windows installed. At least we know they are working! But this is an issue we are now starting to explain when demonstrating [...]

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>Iv’e Got A High Profile Reader

>Hi RCGNice to see you having a look at my blog. The last post was never meant to insinuate that being number one on google searches was a waste of time. In fact my personal opinion is that the Internet should be considered as important as any other marketing tool, if not one of the [...]

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>I stumbled on another double glazing blog the other day, abbreviated its called RCG. They managed to get hold of another companies quote, the company is called B & P Windows. I'm unaware if B & P know if RCG has a copy of their quote they gave to this particular customer.A comment was left [...]

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