Customers. We can’t live without them (a bit like women except we get to ignore them after half past five!). But what really annoys me is when you bend over backwards and beyond for them as a company, trying your best to make sure they are as happy as they can be, when it comes to paying the final balance, suddenly they find a whole list of things wrong with the installation.

In this case we have been replacing glass units. Except that every time a unit gets replaced, they suddenly find yet another mark on another unit that ‘must be replaced’. Stalling paying the final balance every time. This has been going on for weeks now. It winds me up that customer’s think this practice is ok. If every customer was like this businesses would fail due to poor cash flow. How would they like it then if we weren’t here to honour their guarantees because the rest of our customers weren’t paying us on time?!

This is another case of consumer rights going way too far. Businesses should be allowed to take some sort of action against these sorts of customers to make sure they get final payments as swift as they do from more considerate customers.