Beware The Glazing Grant

It appears the "glazing grant" scam seems to have reared it's head again recently. I bring this up as Mark Warren (@MarkWarren3) tweeted this earlier today: Anyone involved in the Double Glazing Grant Scam out there? Saying that there are Grants available for windows & doors when there are Not? I did point out to [...]

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The Anti-PVC Brigade

Over the last week or so, the anti-PVC brigade and the debate they bring has reared it's head again. I was reading the latest comment from John Cowie on the Windows Active website and totally agreed with everything he had to say. On the website, John was commenting on the PVC vs quilted curtain debate. [...]

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English Heritage: So What If Living Conditions Suffer?

I think the escalating level of nonsense coming out of English Heritage right now is coming to a crescendo! Trinity College in Cambridge has been the focus of a report by the Telegraph newspaper. It explains how that the 200 year old, Grade 1 listed building, in an effort to improve it's quickly falling standards [...]

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So The World Didn’t End!

We all woke up on the 21st, just to find that everything still existed, we were still alive, oxygen was still in the air, the Eastern Seaboard of the United States wasn't falling into the sea and the world got on with life just like every other day! Which is a good job because I [...]

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End Of The World Proof Windows

Well, that fabled time is nearly upon us folks. The long Mayan predicted event of the end of the world. So, if you've bought all your Christmas presents, booked a holiday and put your tree up, I'm afraid to say it is all in vein! Or is it...? Actually it's not! I'm very happy to [...]

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Flat Pack Homes

Yes, what you see above is exactly what the title of this posts says it is! It's a flat pack house. Tesco's answer to the housing crisis. Well, hopefully not! It's called a Finnlife cabin and measures 32ft by 16ft 1o in. It's constructed from 44mm thick tongue-and-grooved board which slot together. It has double [...]

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Another Quality Top 30 Most Influential!

Last week we saw yet another quality Top 30 Most Influential list published by the Window Industries magazine, and here is the list, starting with number 30 and working it's way down: 30: Alan Burgess, Masterframe 29: Charles Greensmith, GAP 28: Leon Day, Universal Arches 27: Gareth Mobley, Solidor 26: Graham Hinett, TGO 25: Chris [...]

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Silly Season Not That Far Away

We're reaching the end of August now. The kids are going back to school very soon and the adults can now start thinking about themselves and their homes now they have a bit more free time! We're also not that far away from what we call 'silly season'. Silly season is that period that starts [...]

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Assorted Thoughts And Observations

You get one of these posts once in a while. You have a number of things to say, but they're not really big enough to expand into a quality post but you feel like you have to get them off your chest. So here we go... Oil Oil prices over the last couple of months [...]

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Subject Suggestions

I thought it might be time for me to ask you guys what you would like me to talk about next. This blog is here to encourage debate and discussion, so I thought it might be time to ask you guys what you think would make the next big blog post idea. I know it's [...]

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What I Do With My Spare Time

You're probably all too aware how little spare time I have now. I complain ab0ut it a lot on Twitter! Well I finished work last Wednesday and had a couple of days off work to indulge in my favorite passion, heavy metal! On Thursday I traveled to Prestatyn in North Wales with my girlfriend and [...]

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I’m Off For A Few Days!

As of today, I will be spending the weekend in Prestatyn, North Wales. Reason? I'm off with the girlfriend and her family to a metal music festival called Hammerfest! I've been looking forward to this for a few months now and in my opinion it's well deserved! It's been a hectic and very busy and [...]

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>I’m Thinking Of Leaving

>Ever wondered that something fresh and new could be waiting for you somewhere? Well I am. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy at my job, I have brilliant prospects. I have some great friends and I'm in decent surroundings. But I think my head needs a breath of fresh air, something new to immerse myself [...]

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>43 And Counting

>Over the last month or so my tally of readers has steadily rose, which is good to see!I'm setting myself a little aim now, I would like that tally to reach the 100 mark before the end of the year. So, I'm asking a little favor again from my readers. If you think that someone [...]

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>I Have Severe Writers Block!

>For the last few days I have really struggled to write a new post. I haven't posted anything since last Thursday, which for me is a long time!RCG has covered the Everest purchase of the Amdega brand, so I can't really write about that. I'm working on quite a sizable post at the moment, but [...]

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