The www.double-glazing-forum.com is a good website. Out of its many good qualities, I like the forum section the most. You get good reasoned debate with no venom or attitude. But now you get humour too!

“Insurance backed guarantees are rarely worth the paper they are written on as they can often wriggle out of the guarantees especially when the company goes bust. I know several clients of double glazing firms that used this method and none of them ever got any satisfaction from the so called guarantees.

I work for the largest home improvement company in the UK and that is Anglian… You cannot beat going with a company that has been around since 1966 and has over 1 million installations. Our sealed units are guaranteed for 15 years and we will stand by this. This company is so big that should it go down, your windows will be the last thing you’ll be worried about, plus the chances are the government would step in and bail them out anyway. So look for a company that has good financial standing and s.jenkins made a very valuable point in suggesting companies house as one method of giving you some peace of mind.”

This guy has got to be from the sales department of Anglian! But the thing that made me laugh the most is how he thinks that the Government would bail them out if Anglian were to go bust. Well Mr. ‘Richierich’ (his profile name), here’s some news for you, they won’t! They didn’t save Woolworths, who were 100 years old, why would they save Anglian? Our industry is nowhere near important enough for the Government to even consider bailing one of the larger companies.

Furthermore, people should have a bit more faith in the insurance backed guarantee scheme.