Things seems to have quickly got back to normal as the freeze eases it’s grip on the UK. Now that traffic is able to move a lot more freely now, consumers seem to have quickly got back into the swing of things and we’ve noticed it over the last couple of days.

Leads have been coming in a lot quicker and in better numbers. Deals are starting to be finalised and completed much more productively, which always improves the cash flow situation. And as pointed out in RCG’s latest post, the search numbers for ‘double glazing’ on Google seems to have picked up dramatically, which means we should look forward to a brisk beginning of the year.

This year is going to be the year of challenges and rewards. For those who want the business badly enough, they will get it. For those who still haven’t managed their business through the recession properly they are going to fail. Which is a shame because the economy looks to be coming out of recession very soon. As soon as we get confirmation of that you can expect consumer confidence to rise further and steeper, only making trading conditions better.

I know this is a turn around compared to one of my recent posts where I was predicting a very gloomy start to the year. But after seeing a noticable improvement I’ve changed my opinion. I do that a lot if you haven’t already noticed!

P.S. How many of you follow my Twitter updates? Just a thought.