Not Got An Official Twitter Account? You Should Have!

It seems that everyone has a Twitter account. Whether it be a personal one, a small business one or a network of linked accounts from big businesses around the world, everyone seems to be on social media in some way or another. Or perhaps not. There does seem to be pockets of business, and also [...]

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Business Still Not Using Twitter Properly

Wow, hard to think that Twitter was created all the way back in March 2006. In 2006, I was finishing my last year in education and preparing to go into full time work. At the time, I never really heard of Twitter. But fast forward to August 2010, when my blog was starting to get [...]

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20 Most Influential In Double Glazing On Twitter

As is becoming a now regular occurrence, Green Deal Homes of South Wales have done another list of the 20 most influential Twitter users within the fenestration community. There are some new ones in there, some fallers and some risers: I have come third again! I really must try harder! ;-) but this time round [...]

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Twitter Should Be An Integral Part Of The Business

It has been fantastic to see so many of the glazing industry joining Twitter in recent months. Every day I seem to be able to follow new accounts I hadn't seen before. I'm hoping that this trend continues so that we can get the whole industry on board and create a really diverse, friendly and [...]

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Certass: Proof Of The Power Of Twitter!

Well, if you haven't already seen, Certass, the next big competitor to FENSA, has now joined our ever growing band of brothers and sisters in the Twittersphere. I wrote and open letter, directly appealing to Certass to join a community where many of their members are already there, calling for them to be there. Before [...]

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Dear Certass, Why Aren’t You On Twitter?!

Consider this an open letter to Certass... Dear Certass and those in charge, Debate started last night and this morning as to why you're not on Twitter when FENSA and other industry bodies are. You seem more than big enough to justify an account on the social media platform, have plenty of members, so why [...]

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More Evidence That Twitter Is Boosting Our Businesses

Everyone who knows me knows I think Twitter is great! I love it! It's a fantastically easy way to network, contact, ask questions and so on. But I have always believed that it has benefited our industry more and more as the amount of people and companies on the social network increase. This week I [...]

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Twitter Top 20

You know Twitter in the double glazing industry is getting influential when top 20 lists start appearing. So on a boring Sunday night, I got this tweet from @greendeal4wales: @glazingblogger Have you made it into the top 20 most Influential Twitter Users in the Double Glazing Industry? The link sends you to the Green [...]

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Industry Votes For Twitter!

See what I did with the title there? Even DGB can't escape from the American Election! It is true though. Our industry has taken to Twitter on a B2B level so much better than on Facebook. Remember this post I did in May 2011?  in it, I wrote about the benefits of both platforms to our [...]

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Twitter Down For Me!

Just a quick one this really. I can't get on to Twitter. It won't load on my phone and won't load on my laptop. Anyone else having similar problems? If so, let me know by leaving a comment! Thanks! UPDATE: 22/6/2012 Twitter is back up and running! Yay! I was having withdrawal symptoms! According to [...]

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Twitter Paying Dividends

As I repeat on a fairly regular basis, Twitter is probably the biggest and best tool our industry has in the online part. A few years ago, many thought that Twitter was just a fun waste of time. It didn't generate you any business and was at best a networking tool. But with the online [...]

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