Today it was announced that a new consortium has taken over the project to re-start the building of Wakefield’s new £220 million pound shopping centre. This will be a huge boost to the local economy as it is predicted to create 1500-2000 new jobs. So employment will benefit. But it’s not just the direct jobs boost that will come from the development. There is a healthy pub industry surrounding the project. As workmen clock off for the day, there will be many more pilling into the pubs for a pint or two after work. This hopefully will boost the pub industry in Wakefield.

There was worry that Wakefield was going to be left with a huge steel structure for years to come. But luckily this will not be the outcome. Meaning the huge developments happening in Wakefield right now will ALL be finished. There should also be a boost to Wakefield directly. With a price tag of £220 million pounds, you can expect a pretty good shopping centre. Hopefully this will bring new people into the city spending their hard earned cash. The new centre provides high street chains with yet more outlets to advertise their products. With plenty of high street stores in the centre of Wakefield either closing or closed, this is vital to recover what we have lost.

I know the country has just scraped out of recession, but this is another positive sign that a recovery is under way, albeit a slow one, but it is better than no recovery at all.