One thing that I don’t think companies are doing enough is making use of energy savings calculators. We have one we use at the minute and we find it a great help when trying to get across to the customer how our ‘A’ rated windows could save them significant amounts of money when compared to what they have installed at the minute.

Only on a couple of websites have I seen example of how much money can be saved by installing energy rated windows. To me, this is one of the best tools in which to get across to the customer how much they could potentially save on their energy bills. Customers become much more engaged if they can see an obvious benefit such as the one energy efficient windows can provide.

Perhaps though, companies aren’t doing this so much because they are sceptical about how accurate these energy ratings actually are, or how they have been calculated. The last thing this industry needs however is for the public to become aware of the industry’s sceptisism. WER’s are the best selling angle we have had for a while. Let’s not spoil it and really use it to it’s full potential, rather than waste it by analysing it to pieces.