There Are Small Signs That U-Values Are Taking Over

Times they are a changing. Well, in the world of U-Values and WERs that is. Thanks to the door market promoting the use of U-Values, it appears that this more industry-accepted format of energy efficiency seems to be making inrodes into the world of WERs. So what makes me say this? It's Down To The [...]

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Are Everest Selling Against Energy Ratings?

[youtube_video id="5GIW8oUigMY"] Anyone pick up on something at the end of that ad? Hopefully, you will have noticed that Everest have now started saying that their windows are more energy efficient that A rated windows. Naturally, that got me scratching my head. Surely this meant that Everest were ditching WER's and selling against it? I [...]

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Higher A Ratings

As the standards of standard double glazing get higher and higher, so do the energy ratings. A rated windows on the A-G scale are now very common. It's odd if an installer isn't actually able to fit an A rated window! But this has led to manufacturers pushing the boundaries of what double glazing can [...]

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Easy As A(BC)

It still amazes me how many companies still only offer a C rated window as their standard offering. In October 2010, as we all know, the law changed to make the new standard of energy efficient window a C, up from E. But with A rated windows being very readily available, I still think there [...]

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>WER May Have Been Doomed From The Start

>Whenever new initiatives are introduced, usually some market research takes place to see if the proposed idea is worth rolling out. So, when I found the following report published by Reuters in mid-March of this year, I started to question the strength of the foundations of the WER scheme:(Reuters) - British consumers are still thinking [...]

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>How Many Of You Out There Are Still Selling ‘E’ Rated Windows?

>There are still many in the industry that report that only a quarter, perhaps a third maximum, of all companies are actually actively promoting and selling energy rated windows. We took the decision a while back to sell only 'A' rated windows as standard, which was made easier by our manufacturers dropping the energy rated [...]

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>Energy Savings Calculator

>One thing that I don't think companies are doing enough is making use of energy savings calculators. We have one we use at the minute and we find it a great help when trying to get across to the customer how our 'A' rated windows could save them significant amounts of money when compared to what [...]

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>How Many Installers Are Really Pushing Energy Rated Windows?

>WER's have done well for the window industry. I know there is an argument about how we actually come to get accurate values to come up with an eventual rating, but that aside, it's given the customer something quantifiable. Just like white goods have the same energy scaling, customers instantly recognise it. But how many [...]

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>WER’s Save A Stagnant Industry

>What would have happened to the window industry if WER's hadn't come along? Before window energy ratings showed their face, companies were trundeling along, selling their windows and doors on the same selling points: security and aesthetics. What used to split companies apart was the security that was used in their windows and doors. Luckily [...]

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>Rising Energy Costs Are Good For Us

>Over the past week the news has been littered with reports and predictions of energy costs rises between 14-25%, with the worst case scenarios of a rise of up to 60%, over the next 5-6 years. All above inflation.Everyone's immediate reaction might be one of worry and concern. But if you’re in the double glazing [...]

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>Authorised Retailers Scheme Update

>The WER supplement to the Glass Times magazine has provided information on the costs involved to join the Authorised Retailers scheme. They are as follows:There is a one off registration fee of £200To licence a single product (per annum): £199To licence multiple products (per annum): £399They do also point out however that between the 1st [...]

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>Authorised Retailer Scheme from the BFRC

>As of the 1st September, installers will now be able to install their energy rated windows under their own labels, and not their supplier's. From the selling angle, this is great for installers, as I'm sure many would rather advertise energy rated windows under their own label, and not their supplier's. For a change there [...]

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