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How Long Before Window Energy Ratings Have To Change Again?

It wasn't that long ago that the BFRC had to readjust it's certification and introduce a new band of energy efficiency, this was the A+ rating. This was for windows that had a window energy rating of A+10 or above. It had to be changed because at the time there were so many windows on [...]

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VAT Reduction Required

In May, the coalition Government will be two years old. And in those two years they have implemented a deficit reduction plan that has stifled the spending power of the people in this country. It's making people poorer, it's frozen wages, it's reduced profit margins. You can blame Labour for spending too much in previous [...]

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>Open Letter to FENSA

> Dear FENSA As you are probably aware, the discussion on Twitter and my blog today has been about the illegality of windows with uni-blinds/integral blinds as according to a FENSA inspector yesterday, they don't meet the correct energy requirements. The subject came up yesterday as the company I work for had one of our [...]

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>Uni-Blinds And Energy Efficiency

> Well, today the uncertainty of what was classed as energy efficient and what wasn't reared it's head again today, thanks to the chance visit of a FENSA inspector on one of our installations. The topic of Uni-Blinds, the Pellini Italian blinds within double glazed units, came up between one of our installers and a [...]

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>Green Deal Doomed To Fail

>The Green Deal has been on shaky ground ever since the details of the deal have been researched and found to be inconsistent at best. However, the Government's latest set of figures could spell the end for a deal which has had so much lobbying, hours of debate in Parliament, and I'm sure many millions [...]

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>Energy Efficient Windows 2.0?

>Some very smart people in South Korea have produced a new type of 'smart glass', which has the potential be cheaper and be more reliable than the current market offering.How does it work? The glass is laced with a charge counterion polymer, which darkens in seconds when outside air temperatures become high - keeping the [...]

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>External Condensation Over The Pond

>I was reading an interesting article from about condensation. I was reading to see what reasons they gave and how to go about reducing it. Then this section came up about external condensation:Exterior condensation on windows occurs primarily in the morning when days are warm and humid, but nights are cool. Typically, it clears [...]

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>Too Hot

>All the talk at the moment has been about the condensation on the outside of the glass when the weather conditions are cold enough and right, but as we all start to fit more and more energy efficient windows, another problem is going to arise - overheating.All south facing sides are going to experience increased [...]

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>WER May Have Been Doomed From The Start

>Whenever new initiatives are introduced, usually some market research takes place to see if the proposed idea is worth rolling out. So, when I found the following report published by Reuters in mid-March of this year, I started to question the strength of the foundations of the WER scheme:(Reuters) - British consumers are still thinking [...]

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>This Is Why The Industry Is A Joke!

>I've just read an e-mail sent by FENSA setting out information about the coming changes to Part L. On the last page of that e-mail it goes on to say: "It is generally anticipated the revisions will require at least a BFRC 'C' energy rated window and probably an equally demanding alternative method to demonstrate [...]

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>How Much Money Can Energy Rated Windows Actually Save You?

>Every month, more and more marketing materials gets released telling us how much money our customers can save by putting in energy efficient windows. The problem is, every time we get this new material, the numbers are all different!I've had materials telling me customers can save £180, £200, £461, £600 or even £800 a year [...]

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