I’ve found out today that yet another conservatory roof manufacturer is struggling to keep their heads above water due to dwindling conservatory numbers. I’m not going to mention the company name or talk specific numbers but they have had to lay off staff. I know much more than this but for legal reasons I don’t want to go any further.

People continue to say that the conservatory market is salvagable. The problem is that conservatories don’t have a positive reputation due to lack of care and poor product quality. Couple that with only 100,000 installations last year, companies are going to be grabbing at an increasingly shrinking market share thats not going to be worth very much in the near future.

Businesses need to start diversifying their product range if they are to be able to pay the bills in the future. Conservatories provide companies with big chunks of their cashflow due to the larger nature of their contracts. Businesses will need to find alternatives to plug the gap which conservatories are about to start leaving.