What is becoming quite obvious to me now is that customers are confusing energy efficiency with quality. This is a common misconception. We all now it is quite easy to achieve an ‘A’ rated window if you have the right ingredients; argon gas, super spacers, low iron, low E etc. But this doesn’t mean that the window is very secure, or that it’s going to last a long time, or that the frame is reinforced. You get my point. WER’s add to the OVERALL quality of the window, and this is what we need to be getting across to customers in order for firms to differentiate themselves.

When you get a customer ring up and say: “well wibbly wobbly windows down the street say they can get just as good an ‘A’ rated window”, we need to be asking/telling them about the other various better qualities of your product, as opposed to just focussing on the energy ratings.

WER’s I think have blinded some people into forgetting or just not emphasising enough the other USP’s and qualities of the product.