There are still a lot of people who tell me that they aren’t bothering to vote. The main reason these people give is ‘non of them are worth voting for’. That’s a fair enough assessment, however it annoys me it’s obvious people haven’t even bothered to look into which party stands for what.

In countries such as Zimbabwe, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, people die for the privaledge of voting. Just recently car bombs and suicide bombers blew themselves up outside polling stations as people queued to cast their vote. Even here, the Suffragets died at the beginning of the 1900 in order for women to have the vote. So when people in this country say they can’t be bothered voting, or say they don’t know who to vote for, that to me isn’t a good enough excuse. If you can’t decide on who to vote for, look at their policies, and then your personal situation, way up the pros and cons of the policies to see if your going to be better off depending on what party your looking at. It takes 5 minutes. Don’t waste the privaledge previous generations have died for, and what people are still dying for today.

And remember, if you don’t vote, don’t complain!