When we went down to a recent product launch held by our manufacturers, we were quietly told that one of the big nationals of our industry had to be ‘bailed out’ by the banks. Now what for of help the banks gave we don’t know. Emergency cash injection? Re-financing of their debts? Loan agreement changes? We don’t know, and likely never will. But, if there is any truth to the statement, it shows how fragile the industry still is.

I don’t know if it’s me, but since the election, things have quietened down a bit, as whole. Are the public getting ready to brace for tax rises and spending cuts, thus keeping their money in their pockets? Because right about now is when the industry should be springing into life ready for the summer period. But it all seems a bit lethargic.

Obviously I can’t say who this big national company is, otherwise I might get killed. But, if the company in question is requiring help, then anyone in this industry is at risk. We’re not out of the wood yet.