I’m the sort of person where once I get an idea in my head, I run with it straight away, instead of calming down and logically thinking the idea through. This is exactly what I did yesterday.

I started to form the idea of a Parliamentary party style system for the double glazing industry, where companies in different sectors could join their particular group or party, with the end result being a true representative body which could stand up for the industry instead of getting bullied.

However, for this to all work, I need to know if people/companies would be willing to get involved in such a thing. There’s no point in me creating blogs and websites for the groups if there isn’t going to be enough interest. So people need to start letting me know. If I think we’ll get enough people on board, then I’ll go ahead and form the other sites. For now I’ll just stick with http://www.glazinginstallersgroup.blogspot.com/ and this can be used as a test site to see if I drum up enough interest.