I met a very interesting customer today, in fact he turned out to be a very distant relative! He shares the same name as I do, and anyone who knows what that name is will know that’s it quite a rare one, so when you come across a person with the same name you know they are going to be related to you.

They originally came in for a back doors, but conversation inevitably turned to the family tree. Peter (the customer) told me he managed to trace my grandad’s family line up to 1826 where it starts to become difficult. And as the more we talked, the more strains of the same name, all linked back to the original name at least 500 years ago, turned up. In fact we have a very, very distant and enormous family spread all over America, and a few in Australia.

I was under the impression that there weren’t many of us about, but after an in-depth conversation/family history session, it’s plainly not true. In fact if I was to plot out our family tree, it would probably end up more than covering the side of a house! It’s an incredibly small world!

And needless to say they bought the back door too!