I’m a great believer that if you are going to display conservatories, they need to be outside. Having them outside means the customers gets the true feel as to what to expect from their new conservatory as they are going to be exposed to the weather.

Companies can boast dozens of conservatories on display, but if they are inside, surrounded by artificial light and air conditioning, I believe customers aren’t getting the true showsite experience. They are in their own climate, protected, when the real thing is going to be subjected to all sorts of extremes of weather.

For example, how do you demonstrate the benefits of the heatguard roof inside?! We have a conservatory with a heatguard roof, next to one without, and that allows us to show properly the difference between roofs, and the obvious benefits. We don’t have the biggest showroom, but because it’s outdoors, customers often tell us that they can get the true picture by coming to our outdoor showsite as opposed to other indoor ones.