Time’s for the window industry have got very tough over recent months, for everybody. In fact, time’s have got tough for every sector and every industry over the last couple of months, no one can deny that. But it still baffles me that in a industry in the doldrums, how some can still be coming out saying they are busier than they have ever been.

Now I can understand that a company’s natural instinct when asked if they are busy is to beef their answer up a little. But it’s when businesses are saying they are booming, when it’s quite clear that market conditions and other major companies say they are not. Yes some businesses may be busier than others, and well done to those for managing a steady flow of business in what are very tough trading conditions, but to come out with grand statements show a lack of credibility.

Now I’ll be honest for a second. We are not breaking any records. Yes it’s gone quiet over the last month or so, but we are doing better than last year. Simple as that.

And another thing that’s bugged me. When people say they’ve had a record month, that could mean anything! What if a company only sold 50 windows last month, and sold 51 this month. Technically, yes that is a record, but on the other hand, the windows sold every month might not be enough to keep a business afloat. So when statements like that are made, I do take them with a huge handful of salt.