The question: have we turned a corner? is one we probably shouldn’t be asking ourselves for a while yet.

The window industry is in a state of flux at the minute. One week you think it’s getting busier, leads come flooding in, plenty of orders etc. Then the week after everything goes quiet. Optimism is replaced by frustration and confusion. The truth of the matter is that the country is still mired in problems. The usual summer spike and winter dip isn’t really there any more. It’s going to be peaks and troughs (speaking in graphical terms) all the way through this year, the next, and probably the couple after that.

The country has been asked to take a big spending cut on the chin, this is going to shake up consumer confidence. The usual buying patterns have been chucked out of the window to be replaced by sporadic spending sprees and tight fisted periods. I must admit I’m the same. I’ve not been going out on a night, stopped buying CD’s and DVD’s, stopped by take-aways. But then that would stop and I’d do all three in the space of one weekend. No pattern at all!

So, for a while we are going to have to take the rough with the smooth, save what we make and consolidate as much as we can!