Plimsoll’s newest window and door industry report tells a tale of how our industry is prospering at one end, while the other is very much in the mire.

According to the report, of the 999 companies studied, 362 are worth a third less than a year ago. This is where further consolidation may come, as the report also says that 400 companies have managed to increase their value. It is these 400 companies that will either force the other 362 companies out of business, buy them out, or force them to restructure.

Those who run their ship well, will find that they are able to add value. We ourselves have improved greatly compared to last year. We’ve expanded our product range, tweaked the showroom, got two good websites up and running, and we are reaping good rewards. And others are the same. They’ve managed the difficult times well and are now recovering well from the recession.

The industry is still to go through two main stresses before we can make any sort of analysis of how well it has coped. The October spending review is coming up and that will finally tell us where the axe is going to fall with the cuts. Then there is the rise in VAT in January. Once we get to the summer of next year, then we will be able to sum up how well the industry has done.