Roughly a week ago I was sent a private e-mail, from which I had to collect from a website which specialises in private e-mail. In it this anonymous person said that he had loads of quality lead data and information, and wondered if it was something I was looking to buy, or if I knew if there was any market for this sort of information. Naturally I stayed away and responded coolly towards it. 

However, they also went on to say that he was a very disgruntled sales person who felt he had been back stabbed, and that the company he worked went back on many promises they made to him. He went on to explain that he worked for a company based in the North, which had various branches throughout the North of England, and that once he had stopped working for them, he would come out in force and basically name and shame them, highlighting poor practices, how the business was run etc.

I advised him that this was a very slippery road to go down. I’ve been in trouble myself with this blog writing about things not half as serious as Mr Anonymous was proposing. Whether or not he goes on to do what he said he would, remains to be seen. If he does, and he’s given no indication of when this might happen, then we could be in for some serious talking points.

Or I could have just been lead along all the way and was just trying to be caught out by a competitor! Either way I’m leaving well alone!