August carried on where July left off. August turned out to be one of my best months, as well as one of the best so far this year for the company.

Lead levels have been very healthy, again boosted by our new website getting more exposure now. More importantly conversion rates have been good. Providing I sign up who I expect to, I’ll have achieved a 66.6% conversion for August, which can’t be bad!

One thing that we have all noticed here is that a few people are now starting to talk about the 20% VAT rate that’s coming. A few are wanting to ensure that any home improvement work gets done before the rise in VAT comes into force. We thought that people would just let it slip by without giving it much thought, but I think that the closer we get to the end of the year, the more we are going to see people trying to rush jobs through before January 4th.

Has August been busy for everyone? I know it can be a funny month sometimes, due to the school holidays being in full swing, replacing windows and doors isn’t on the top of everyone’s list.