Selling is a job that allows a person to form a sort of relationship with a potential customer. 

Many people outside this job don’t appreciate what sales people have to do. They don’t understand that we have to go into someones home who truly doesn’t trust you as far they could throw you, persuade them to part with thousands of pounds of their hard earned money, and convince them that your company is the best.

If/when you get the customer to sign with you, that’s when they (usually) let their guard down and you really get to know them as a person. This doesn’t happen with everybody, but the majority of my customers we are able to have a laugh and be more relaxed with them.

One other aspect is that you also get an insight into their lives. I’ve been dealing with an elderly couple these past few weeks. She is suffering from the early stages of dementia and he has had a stroke and so struggles with his speech. They are both perfectly nice people who I get on with brilliantly, but when you see genuine people struggle on even though you know they need help, it’s very hard to watch. It’s at these points you have to remember that your only a salesman doing a job, not their son, not their daughter, not their family friend of 20 years. You don’t really matter.

Looking on the positive side, doing a job like this means you get to deal with someone new everyday. You get to know some genuinely nice people that restore your faith in humanity!