We saw yesterday how out of touch the business of football is with the rest of the world.

Windows Active magazine yesterday announced Everest had sales of £174 million for the whole of 2010. In comparison, the Premier League in just one day spent £225 million on players. £50 million of that for Torres, £35 million for an injured Rob Carrol. Torres is now earning £175,000 per week, Carrol on £90,000 and arrived at Anfield by helicopter.

The mind boggles when just a handful of football teams in one day can outspend what one of the biggest companies in double glazing earns in one year. The world of football truly is out of touch with the rest of the country.

Wayne Rooney managed to screw Manchester United out of £250,000 per week, which is made even more ridiculous while he’s not even scoring! When the public see the amounts these people earn for playing football, and then compare it to their much lower wages for much more manual work, and it starts to anger the public at a time when everyone else is tightening their belts.