I’ve just returned from York where I was quoting a customer for a single door, and we were up against Everest. Now guess where they started their price at for a single door, in white PVCu? £3300!

Where do they get their prices from?! It might have had something to do with the area where they lived; Long Marston, it looked a very nice, well off area. But this still shouldn’t have an effect on the prices companies quote people. They then dropped the price several times and continue to ring her asking for her business. 

I came in at less than £1k, for a black on white composite door. Including extra fuel money for me and the fitters. They also had Anglian out, they didn’t tell me how much but from what they said it was a crazy high price as well.

When companies do their business in this way, how do they stay in business for as long as they have?