Reader’s Question: Help With Asbestos Issue

I got an interesting email earlier on this afternoon. It was from a reader, who has asked to remain anonymous, who has been having some trouble with Everest over a problem with asbestos. Straight away, I want to make it clear that I'm not on a witch hunt, or looking to shed any negative spot [...]

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Are Everest Selling Against Energy Ratings?

[youtube_video id="5GIW8oUigMY"] Anyone pick up on something at the end of that ad? Hopefully, you will have noticed that Everest have now started saying that their windows are more energy efficient that A rated windows. Naturally, that got me scratching my head. Surely this meant that Everest were ditching WER's and selling against it? I [...]

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My First Ever Post!

I was looking through some of the old posts I did right at the very start when I first started this blog. And wow, I was rubbish at writing! (Que bad jokes about me not being any better now). But seriously, it wasn't that good. Basic language skills, short and not much elaboration on the [...]

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Everest On TV, But Not In A Good Way!

Tonight the BBC aired Watchdog which included a 6 minute feature on Everest. Problem is, if you're on that program, its for the wrong reasons, not the right ones. The piece featured a woman who spent a whopping £33,000 on a new conservatory! The roof leaked from day one, and still does despite it being [...]

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Everest’s Response To Better Capital LLP Investment

Last week, when Everest was bought by Better Capital LLP, there wasn't much reaction from either party about the deal, or any details about the deal itself. So, I did some rooting around and found the email address of Better Capital LLP and sent a request for some further elaboration on the deal. I asked [...]

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Now, be honest, you didn’t expect Everest to be doing that today, did you?

Everest was today sold to Better Capital PCC. I had news a few months ago that Everest were in a bad way, but, as I have learned from previous misgivings and threats, I decided to keep quiet with this one as I couldn't find much information to back up that rumour. But as with most [...]

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>Nationals Still Misleading Customers

>I read a 3 day old thread on http://double-glazing-forum.com/topics.aspx?ID=434 in which a customer explains that a national company told him that the other two local companies couldn't possibly have A rated windows as only they (Anglian) and Everest are the only ones who have that rating.After years of energy rated windows being very widely available, and at [...]

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>Another Ridiculous Guarantee

>Weeks after Everest's 46 year guarantee offer ended, they are now going one silly step further and offering lifetime guarantees for those that sign up with them throughout June (though I'm sure there will be many terms and conditions attached to it so that they can get out of most of the responsibilities).To be fair [...]

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>Ridiculous Guarantee!

>How desperate are Everest to get the sales in?In their most recent advertising campaign, they are celebrating 46 years in business. For 46 days they are offering a 46% discount, and get this...a 46 year guarantee!!The 46% discount is stupid enough. People aren't going to fall for such a specific number, you should only do [...]

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>Silly Prices!

>I've just returned from York where I was quoting a customer for a single door, and we were up against Everest. Now guess where they started their price at for a single door, in white PVCu? £3300!Where do they get their prices from?! It might have had something to do with the area where they [...]

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