Words escape me as to how much I hate this sort of thing!

Words escape me as to how much I hate this sort of thing!

@NigelGrantUpvc posted this image on Twitter earlier on, and it sums up everything that frustrates me about this industry! I think it frustrated quite a lot of you who live in the Blackburn area too!

Providing I’m reading the advert correctly, this company is offering 5 PVC windows AND a free PVC door (depending on where you live) for £1595?! To put this into perspective, a proper high quality PVC door, like one of the engineered (crucifix) ones I sell a lot of, goes for around £1200-£1400 with triple glazed bevels and the best in terms of locks and reinforcement.

This advert sums up exactly what is bad about our industry. There are too many companies going for totally unrealistic promotions which drive down prices around their area as their rivals simply cannot match such a stupidly low price. I will argue until I am blue in the face that at £1595 for five windows and two doors there won’t be a penny of profit in that job. I would welcome the company above to come on here and prove me wrong, though I doubt it!

I really do feel for those businesses over in Blackburn having to have competition like this. Stupid tactics like this always seem to rub off on all the other double glazing companies in the area and I’m pretty sure that the other geniunely good companies in the Blackburn area don’t want to be put in the same pot as these guys.

Forcing down prices, creating dangerously low promotions which are selling consumers false promises is very damaging. How can £1595 give you five high quality windows and a high security PVCu door? It can’t. It never will. Yet customers think they will be getting some sort decent quality at the very least.

I’m sure a few of you will have an opinion on the above!