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We Are Here For The Customers, Not The Other Way Round

I received a worrying comment earlier on, and I am in two minds as to leave it in the inbox or edit it and publish it. The crux of the comment was that a customer was writing to complain that after re-arranging an appointment with a double glazing company due to the sales rep having [...]

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Born Bankrupt

Update: this post was written a couple of days ago, before today's good news about the 1% growth in GDP for the last quarter. So please bear this in mind when you read it! Born Bankrupt, a programme made by Sky, was shown again on Monday night. I missed it the first time and so [...]

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Business To Business Bother-ers!

One thing that has always bugged me while working in this industry is the sales reps that come round to your business premises trying to get you to change to a different supplier! First of all, if an installer wanted to use a different supplier, surely they would go and contact one which they preferred? [...]

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More Bad Headlines. We Have To Force These People Out!

A quick browse on Google for double glazing related news stories pointed me to this headline: "Lying Birmingham double glazing salesman duped cancer sufferer" Great. This was actually the story on the front page of Birmingham Mail yesterday. The story is as follows: A LYING Birmingham salesman who duped a cancer sufferer into buying double [...]

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Time To Start Reporting

Let me ask you a question. How many times, when you see your competitors doing a job illegally, do you contact FENSA or Certass to report it? Most of you will probably say 'not that often'. Most believe that if you report bad jobs to the relevant authorities nothing gets done. I can verify that [...]

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>Idiotic Business Practise!

>There's one thing that is really bugging me at the minute, and that is short-selling. I know I have talked about this before, but I'm utterly bewildered by the fact that companies are still doing this in a time when profits absolutely MUST be made!We've had a company quote for a house full of windows [...]

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>Kamikaze Trading

>I read a brilliant article in the latest GGP Magazine about what Danny Williams calls 'Kamikaze trading'. He explains the frustration and stupidity of sub-selling very well:The double glazing industry is not sophisticated. In fact, that is one of its charms. It is, in many ways, an 'Essex' industry, full of characters who, like me [...]

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>Death Threat Sales Calls

>This story on the BBC News website really isn't going to do our industry any favours at all:Elderly people in Leicestershire are being warned after reports of residents being threatened by a company claiming to sell double glazing.The county council said it had received 12 complaints about a company claiming to be called Bowater.Trading standards [...]

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>Silly Prices!

>I've just returned from York where I was quoting a customer for a single door, and we were up against Everest. Now guess where they started their price at for a single door, in white PVCu? £3300!Where do they get their prices from?! It might have had something to do with the area where they [...]

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>Safestyle Fined £22,000 For Cold Calling

>Finally we have a bit of justice handed out! Safestyle UK have just been fined £22,000 for four years of harassment by way of sending canvassers to John Wigmore. The full report is below: A FIRM was landed with a £22,000 legal bill last night after a householder plagued by its door-to-door cold-callers won a landmark hearing.Double glazing [...]

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>How Many Names Have You Got?

>If you've read my last post you'll know how unfair it is that Anglian actually have 6 different companies/company names. If you've read my last post and have multiple company names yourself then you'll probably be indifferent to this post!Anglian Home Improvements seem to have six registered business names. One can only assume that these [...]

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