Today is the day that myself, @JWNorthWales and @TradeStopUK have all joined the ‘healthy beer and cider’ diet!

When you think about it, if you compare beer to other drinks like Coke, and most fruit juices, it’s far healthier! Beer has much less sugar in it than Coke does, therefore better for your teeth. And it has less acidic content than fruit juice, again much better for your teeth! Also, if you compare bitter to lager, lager has less fat content, so, healthier for your arteries!

Fruity cider is another option. If you treat yourself to 5 bottles of this every day then you’re getting in your 5 portions of fruit! Fat wise it’s better than lager (I think!) and roughly the same cost!

So, I name this day Beer And Cider Tuesday, and from this day on, to make sure we live a healthier lifestyle, we must ditch the Coke, other fizzy drinks and tooth rotting fruit juices and strive to make sure we drink enough fruity cider and lager to keep our bodies fighting fit!